Beginner Memoir Writing

For Older Adults


With Nora-Lyn Veevers


I’m thrilled to offer Nora-Lyn Veevers’ beginner memoir writing class for older adults for the second time. This is a low-tech, high-reward program for those who are ready to go deeper with their writing but don’t want to spend their time on a computer in an online course environment. I’m grateful to Nora-Lyn for making this offering possible — she has created something truly special.




November 10 to December 22, 2020

– Seven-week course –

Bring your stories to life.

In this course you will learn how to shape your memories into stories on the page. Lessons are designed in print and audio formats and will be delivered to your inbox weekly, accompanied by a weekly conference call to share stories you write in a confidential and trusting atmosphere.

We hope you will be inspired to use this productive and innovative phase of life to capture the moments from your private library of memories.

It doesn’t take superhuman skill or extraordinary life experiences to write in this way. It takes permission.

This course is for you if:

  • You’ve always wanted to share your life experiences, but aren’t sure if you’re a skilled enough writer to do so

  • You’re an older adult but consider yourself to be a beginner writer

  • You’ve written down some of your stories already, but need help refining them and finding your voice

  • You’re ready to examine the past and believe in the power of truth and reflection

You can expect to:

  • Learn about why writing memoir can help us understand ourselves, find commonality with others, and make sense of life experiences

  • Unlock memories using writing exercises and prompts

  • Learn how to choose the moments that tell your story best

  • Use language that engages readers and immerses them in your story

The Details

This is an seven-week program beginning on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, and running until Tuesday, December 22, 2020. Each Tuesday*,  students will participate in a 60–90 minute conference call. Immediately following the call, students will receive the week’s lesson by email as a PDF and audio recording.

*date and time for weekly calls will be finalized in accordance with the group’s preferences

Here is the simplified course outline:

Week One: Introduction
Week Two: Why Write Memoir
Week Three: Memory & Remembering
Week Four: Telling the Truth & Portraying Character
Week Five: Brain Food: Description & Details
Week Six: Word Art

Week Seven: Bonus Week (Sharing & Feedback)

Tuition: $325 USD

Space for only six students
Please email to get on the waitlist for the next session.

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “Nora-Lyn has a warm and welcoming manner that draws you in and makes you feel safe as you share memories, some of which may be, and in fact for me, were, surprisingly emotional. Her warmth and kindness made sharing memories and perhaps even vulnerabilities feel safe, like you were sharing with a dear friend. In turn, the rest of the group connected, and we are staying connected with a Facebook writing group.”

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “I was looking for a boost, something to jump-start my writing practice, and this class provided it. Nora-Lyn is wise and nurturing and the small size of the class made it feel intimate and supportive. I am delighted that I happened to stumble across the course just when I needed it.”

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “The course gave me an opportunity to think about the history of my life and what my family may want to read when I get it written. Important memoirs may be forgotten if they are not recorded somewhere or somehow. I felt like it would be an adventure to try this writing activity and that it would give me pleasure to leave these writings for my family. I plan to continue, and look forward to doing so, hoping that my writing may achieve its intended purpose.”

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

— Anaïs Nin

About Nora-Lyn Veevers:

Nora-Lyn Veevers writes creative nonfiction/memoir in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Her essays have appeared in, After the Art, and other places. Her flash nonfiction piece received Honourable Mention for 2019 Crossroads International Writing Contest in Mexico and her story won Honourable Mention in for the 2020 Wind and Water contest for writers in Quinte, Ontario. After a career in education as teacher, program coordinator, and principal, she began writing and is now hooked on the writing life. Nora-Lyn has B.A in modern languages, an M.Ed in curriculum development, and has taken many courses and workshops on creative writing, including the Story Course with Sarah Selecky Writing School.


Our school welcomes people of all identities, races, abilities, and interests. We share an inclusive, generous, and heart-centered point of view, and are committed to cultivating a culture of empathy and insight.